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Gardener reveals how to avoid a common mistake among first-timers: 'My grandma used to tell me …'

"I agree with these."

Texas Garden Guy

Photo Credit: @texasgardenguy / TikTok

TikTok has become a go-to resource for helpful videos about cooking, cleaning, and home renovation … so why not gardening? TikToker @texasgardenguy recently took to everyone's favorite short-form video platform to share some funny mistakes that first-time gardeners make — and they are all too real.

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Alternating between a straw hat and a blond wig, Destin, the Texas Garden Guy himself, takes viewers through each mistake with appropriate commentary. 

The mistakes he mentions are overseeding, overwatering, not watering enough, not giving your plant enough sun, and worrying about every bug in your garden. 

"My grandma used to tell me, 'Two plants are better than one,'" he jokes after explaining the first mistake, "Why not a hundred?" Let's face it: We've all been there. 

"Oh my god, it's one of those leaf-footed fire beetles," he says, in character, after disclosing the last mistake. "Gotta come out here and spray at least once a day." 

We here at The Cool Down can neither confirm nor deny that we have similarly freaked out about a bug.

The video's commenters say they can relate to Destin's exaggerated high jinks, too. 

"I agree with these!" one user comments. 

Another user jokes, "How did you get home footage of me?" 

Multiple users comment on Destin's bug mistake, implying that they don't see worrying about bugs as a problem at all. "I need a bug encyclopedia at this point," says one user.

Destin isn't the only TikTok creator with helpful tips about growing your own plants. Andre Baptiste, aka Andre the farmer (@andrethefarmer), routinely takes to the app to share his hacks, including a particularly mind-blowing one for growing seemingly endless tomato plants. 

Another user, @rosemary_grows, made a video showing users how to grow kitchen sponges using loofah plants. There's easily enough gardening #inspo on TikTok to keep your fruits and veggies happy, healthy, and thriving.

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