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TikToker reveals how they fully insulated their home for under $20: 'You definitely need this'

In the video, the TikToker shows how their family "gets ready for hibernation."

Insulation kits

Photo Credit: @shay_creates / TikTok

TikToker Shay (@shay_creates) has shared one of their cold season hacks in a new video, and it has gotten plenty of attention. 

If you've ever winced at your winter heat or electricity bill, spent nights burying yourself in blankets, found yourself having to wear mittens in your own kitchen, or simply been a little chilly at home, this is the video for you. 

In the video, Shay shows how their family "gets ready for hibernation" using plastic window insulation kits made by Frost King. They included the hashtag #budgetprojects in the video, and we can see why. The product retails at around $15 for a pack of nine. 

@shay_creates Staying cozy!! #hibernation #diyproject #homeowner #homeownerhacks #budgetprojects #momlife ♬ Roxanne - Instrumental - Califa Azul

The TikTok shows the family installing the Frost King installation kit on their kitchen windows. First they prep the area, then line the windows with adhesive and place the plastic sheets, and finally remove any wrinkles in the plastic with a hair dryer. 

According to the creator, the installation took them only 15 minutes, although they add that they've done this many times before. Nonetheless, the installation does seem very user-friendly. 

The creator mentions that even though they've used this product many times, they still sometimes end up with wrinkles in the plastic, but those wrinkles can be easily stamped out with a hair dryer.

One commenter asked if this product is safe for renters. 

"Yes! Just be careful to not pull the paint off with the tape 😂 a hairdryer will loosen the tape glue and that will help when it's time to remove it," Shay replied. 

This plastic window insulation could be the key to a warm, budget-friendly winter, and as an added bonus, provides an opportunity to lower the energy usage in your household. 

As Shay said at the end of this video, "You definitely need this."

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