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TikToker reveals simple garden hack for seemingly endless tomato plants: 'You just blew my mind'

"Cut early flowers off. It will be a stronger plant."

Propagate tomatoes

Photo Credit: @andre the farmer / TikTok

Don't have a green thumb? This TikToker will have you growing tomatoes in no time.

TikToker Andre Baptiste, aka Andre the Farmer, shared a video with his 453,000 followers showing how to grow tomatoes by propagating cuttings from another tomato plant. And it couldn't be easier. 

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In the video, Baptise leans over a garden bed while showcasing a pretty sizable tomato plant cutting.

"In Florida, one of the best tomatoes to grow are the Everglades tomatoes," he says in the video. "These are just cuttings I took off my main plant."

Baptiste cuts down one of the cuttings, removing the lower leaves and buds so it's a clean stem. 

"We don't want to be in a producing mode, we want it to be in a growth mode," he says.

Then, Baptiste buries the cutting "up to its neck" in a deep hole of soil after dipping it in a rooting hormone, a step he says you don't have to do. But, he says, it gives a "little bit of advantage." He says you can also use honey, cinnamon, or aloe for a similar effect. 

Baptiste says tomatoes are a little different than other plants. He points out that the fine hairs on the tomato stem will turn into roots, making propagating one of the easiest ways to grow tomatoes.

The comments were quick to light up. 

"You can propagate tomatoes?," one TikToker asks. 

"You just blew my mind," another adds. 

Another says they're always putting theirs in water to start, but after watching the video, say they're going to start "doing it this way." 

Baptiste offers some advice: "Cut early flowers off. It will be a stronger plant."

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