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Woman stunned after opening brimful bag of jewelry from local thrift store: '[I] couldn't believe my luck'

"$13 for a bag of costume jewelry at Salvation Army."

"$13 for a bag of costume jewelry at Salvation Army."

Photo Credit: iStock

Sometimes thrifting can be more than just buying secondhand clothes. People have found priceless collectibles, vintage wedding gowns, and more. This Redditor scored with a solid gold ring in a bag of costume jewelry. 

In a recent photo posted to Reddit, one thrifter shared a lucky find: "$13 for a bag of costume jewelry at Salvation Army - buried within was a vintage solid gold ring! Just my size too."

The shared photos show a lovely gold ring with an interesting wave-like design. There are two photos, one showing the ring on its own and one showing it fitting the poster's finger. 

"$13 for a bag of costume jewelry at Salvation Army."
Photo Credit: Reddit
"$13 for a bag of costume jewelry at Salvation Army."
Photo Credit: Reddit

Thrifting can be rewarding in several ways. You have the chance to find unique and expensive items, but on a more mundane note, you will definitely save money shopping secondhand. By replacing half of your purchases with thrift store finds, the average person stands to save nearly $100 a year.

And it keeps growing. According to thredUP, the worldwide secondhand market is projected to reach $350 billion by 2027, which is nearly double what it is today. 

In addition to its personal benefits, thrifting is also good for the planet. The fashion industry is a huge source of emissions that contribute to the warming of Earth. According to an article from the World Bank, "If demographic and lifestyle patterns continue as they are now, global consumption of apparel will rise from 62 million metric tons in 2019 to 102 million tons in 10 years." 

Choosing to make eco-friendly changes is a great way to show you care for the planet. It also shows retailers that consumers care about how their products impact the environment and can shift priorities. We have seen how these choices can make positive impacts, including with Coca-Cola packaging and ethically produced textiles

The photos were shared to r/ThriftStoreHauls, where thrift store fans were very excited for the poster. 

One person commented: "Wow, I absolutely love its shape! Great find!"

The original poster responded by saying: "I know! It's beautiful - couldn't believe my luck.

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