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Bride leaves social media awestruck after sharing where she got her wedding dress from: 'I love this so much'

"That is the stuff of thrifting dreams."

Thrifted wedding dress

Photo Credit: u/rozekoeken/ Reddit

So much goes into making a wedding day special. A wedding dress is certainly a key ingredient — and a huge expense — for many brides. But one Redditor showed off a stunning thrifted wedding dress that ticks all the boxes, and it may have you rethinking where you shop for your dress.

"Found this amazing wedding dress while thrifting today," the Redditor captions the photo. "I'm in love."

The photo shows off an Edwardian-style white lace and ribbon dress. Similar style dresses can cost thousands of dollars new or at high-end vintage stores.

Regardless of the style, wedding dresses typically cost brides nearly $2,000, in addition to other wedding expenses — and while that's an expense most brides will say is worth it for their special day, it's a lot to pay for a dress that's typically only worn once. 

Shopping secondhand is a great way to find that special dress at an affordable price while keeping your wedding footprint low. Thrifting your dress helps to keep new dress production to a minimum, which reduces pollution and protects natural resources. 

Another low-impact, popular way to find the wedding dress of your dreams at a reasonable price and with a lower footprint than buying new is by renting.

Regardless of where you score your wedding dress, it's a good candidate for re-wearing. Take a cue from these celebrities and re-wear your wedding dress instead of letting it sit in your closet.

Redditors were all but ready for their wedding invites. 

"I love this sooo much," writes one user. "I have a collection of old wedding dresses (all thrifted) and now I feel like this one just puts all mine to shame."

Another Redditor admits they would wear the dress everywhere "and never take it off."

"That is the stuff of thrifting dreams," writes another.

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