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Shopper stunned to discover one-of-a-kind artwork from classic Disney movie at thrift store: 'You'll walk away with a lot of money'

"I am very very envious."

"I am very very envious."

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Thrifting can get you some of the best affordable finds there are — and some shoppers are extra lucky. One Reddit user found an original animation cell from the 1963 Disney movie "The Sword in the Stone." 

The incredible find was posted on the thread r/ThriftStoreHauls, where users share the hidden gems they find while thrifting

The animation cell is a photo of King Arthur and Madam Mim and sold for just $4 — despite writing on the back confirming it was an actual slide from the movie. 

"You basically have a 1 of 1 item, and for $4, that is a fabulous score!" one user wrote

"I am very very envious."
Photo Credit: Reddit

Other users were quick to comment on the value of the animation cell as well. Some urged the Redditor to sell it. "You'll walk away with a lot of money," one user wrote — and that may be true. 

While it's unclear what the original poster intended to do with the buy, it was a priceless find, and one that was emotionally significant to the Redditor too. They mentioned in the caption that they must have watched the movie more than 500 times as a kid, making it something truly special. 

This Redditor isn't the only one to find high-value items for next to nothing at a thrift store. One user managed to snag a Le Creuset dutch oven, which typically sells for $260 to $460. Another picked up a chandelier worth $3.5 million for just $300, and others have found luxury clothing from hoodies to wedding dresses for astonishingly low prices. 

These finds can be passed down through generations or resold, both of which are better options than the alternative: being tossed in a landfill. 

U.S. households already produce nearly 300 million tons of trash each year. As it builds up and begins to decompose, it releases planet-warming and polluting gasses into the air. 

Luckily, this priceless item ended up in the right hands, and it will hopefully stay away from the garbage. 

Commenters were blown away by the monetary and sentimental value of the find. One user wrote: "My two favorite Disney characters! Oh man, I am very very envious, fantastic catch!" 

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