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Designer's innovative new dress 'changes everything': 'If this could dominate the industry, it would move the needle'

"That's not something that we see very often."

"That’s not something that we see very often.”

Photo Credit: Mara Hoffman

Everyone's on the hunt for a sustainable way to make clothing. While there is no truly perfect eco-friendly clothing, Mara Hoffman's newest dress comes pretty close.

The designer recently unveiled a new dress titled "This Dress Changes Everything." And changes everything it does. The dress is made from recycled materials and is fully recyclable after the last wear.

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The dress reuses textile waste, and Hoffman's brand promises to take it back once you're ready to move on. From there, it will recycle the dress into a new dress. Talk about infinite fashion!

"This fabric is centered on materials that are already on this planet, and doesn't require extracting new resources," said Hoffman.

Hoffman has partnered with Circ, a startup that produces fabrics from waste materials and builds technology to help recycle textiles into new products.

The fashion industry generates between 2% and 8% of annual global carbon air pollution, and 92 million tons of textile waste gets sent to landfills each year. 

In recent years, there has been a push for sustainable fashion. However, mainstream fashion is still falling short of an ideal circular model where materials are reused and reused over again. Brands from The North Face to H&M have created items with reused or recycled materials, though, but not to the extent of Hoffman. 

The fashion industry is facing a lot of criticism for its unsustainable practices, but that also means it has the most to gain from making sustainable products. By focusing on circularity, slow fashion, reuse, and recycled materials, the fashion industry can help lessen its environmental impact and reshape the way we think about the way we dress.

Hoffman's dress is pretty pricey at $1,195, but hopefully, more affordable options will be on the market soon. If you're on a budget and looking for a sustainable outfit, don't forget that buying secondhand is one of the best ways to help the planet while looking great.

Hoffman has big visions for her work, saying, "If this could dominate the industry, it would move the needle, and that's not something that we see very often."

Fans of sustainable fashion are excited about the new project, commenting on social media, "That's amazing! It's so inspiring to see companies like Circ and Marah Hoffman working together to create sustainable fashion."

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