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5 stunning before-and-after yard photos you have to see to believe

"From bland to bliss."

"From bland to bliss."

Photo Credit: Reddit

White picket fences and traditional grass lawns are yesterday's news. Today, rewilded yards are making headlines, and the trend doesn't appear to be slowing down. 

For anyone thinking about taking the leap, or even some steps toward reaping the benefits of these yards, homeowners have provided plenty of jaw-dropping inspiration.  

1. Dull lawn turned into florist's dream 

One homeowner spent a little over a year introducing native plants into their yard design, and they shared their progress

The first photo shows a boring grass lawn with two tiny trees, and a bright red fire hydrant is the most colorful thing about the property. The homeowner indicated that the makeover took dedication, but the final result was a relaxing, vibrant oasis for both humans and pollinators, which are vital for the global food supply. The garden boasts roughly 70 types of plants.  

2. Bare space transformed into charming garden

A Redditor in London brought a bit of the country to the city by embarking on a three-year mission to redo their backyard. The before photo is nothing to write home about, with a small patio, worn-looking shed, and drab grass lawn the only features of note. 

Meanwhile, images of the completed project show a stunning transformation. Lilacs, irises, and fuschia are among the blooming flowers, while a water feature near the patio evokes restfulness. 

3. Troublesome ivy replaced with native plants 

One homeowner enlisted the help of a landscaper to redo their water-guzzling grass lawn that came with a decent amount of creeping English ivy, an invasive species that can negatively impact wildlife by outcompeting the native plants they depend on.

The gorgeous after photo shows a hillside with bountiful, privacy-protecting growth, including arrowwood viburnum and blue star, two flowering plants that add to the liveliness of the low-maintenance design. Low-growing foliage also provides shelter for birds. 

4. Barren yard turned into peaceful retreat

This person turned a barren yard into their own secret garden. The flat, lifeless-looking property is now teeming with plant life, and stone paths weave throughout the gorgeous growth. 

"We'll never go back," the homeowner wrote on Reddit. "Previously, the only time I went to the front yard was to mow it. Now we sit out there most mornings and evenings and watch all the wildlife, play 'guess the plant,' and just enjoy the space."

5. Water-starved lawn redone  

After a drought all but decimated their grass lawn, a Redditor took matters into their own hands and started phasing out their yard's dead, dry brown grass — a feature that is not only unsightly but also a hazard during wildfires

The yard now has five carbon-soaking trees along with flowers such as daffodils, crocuses, and foxgloves, and the homeowner expects that their water bill will go down. 

"From bland to bliss," they wrote on Reddit.

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