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Homeowner's shocking before-and-after photos show incredible transformation in previously sunburnt yard: 'From bland to bliss'

"Thank you for planting trees."

Grass-free lawn transformation

Photo Credit: u/d-lysergic / Reddit

One Redditor joined the anti-lawn movement in spectacular fashion and shared pictures of their "grass-free transformation" online.

A traditional lawn can take an incredible amount of time and money to maintain, especially in dry areas where it needs to be watered often. Many homeowners have begun to find cheaper and more attractive alternatives for their landscaping, and some hire companies like Yardzen to help them choose low-maintenance native plants.

transformation in previously sunburnt yard:
Photo Credit: u/d-lysergic / Reddit

This Redditor went through an 18-month process of updating their yard and posted photos to document the change. 

The "before" photo showed a dead, dry lawn, which they explained in a comment was due to water restrictions in their drought-stricken area.

The new yard in the "after" photo was a completely different place. At the front edge of their raised garden, a bed of stunning lithodora flowers runs along the base of a mossy stone wall. Inside the raised garden are a variety of new plants and saplings between the cobblestone paths, including several tall allium flowers. 

The centerpiece of the garden is an inviting arbor, complete with sun-and-moon carvings and a pair of porch swings hanging face-to-face.

"Previous owners lived here 20 years and didn't plant a single tree," the original poster said in a comment. Now the yard will have five, they added, along with crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths, foxgloves, lavender, and many more flowers. "From bland to bliss," they joked.

According to their summary of the project, it's going to save them money on their water bill. "Every square inch is drip irrigated hooked up to a Rachio Controller with a Tempest weather station, all done myself," they said. "Now I might have to invest in AC/Heat pump for the inside now that my plants are taken care of."

"Thank you for planting trees," said one supportive commenter. As the Woodland Trust points out, trees capture heat-trapping carbon and remove it from the atmosphere, helping to cool the planet.

The original poster replied, "I've seen so many trees cut down for subdivisions and carriage houses in my neighborhood, had to put some back!"

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