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Home cook demonstrates simple method to bring crystallized honey back to life: 'That's the good stuff'

This game-changing yet simple hack is creating quite a positive buzz.

This game-changing yet simple hack is creating quite a positive buzz.

Photo Credit: TikTok

Does your honey jar contain an impenetrable golden rock?

Before you trash it, try this no-cost hack demonstrated by TikTok's favorite Spanglish cooking influencer, themonticarlo (@themonticarlo). Her game-changing trick turns hardened honey back into scrumptious liquid gold using supplies you likely already own.

The scoop

There's no need to panic next time your honey solidifies. This easy trick transforms hardened honey from waste to wonderfulness using gentle heat.

"Crystalized honey is not trash!" asserts themonticarlo. "It just needs a warm bath."

Simply scoop the solidified honey into a glass bowl, then place it in a pot filled with water over low heat. Once tiny bubbles appear — "not raging bubbles" — set a timer for two minutes. The water level should be higher than the honey.

The water bath melts the crystals away, and voila — smooth, liquid honey awaits you to smear on your preferred type of toast.

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How it's helping

This zero-waste hack cuts food waste and saves money. Rather than pitching that honey bottle, give its sweet, internal goodness new life.

As food prices rise, preserving honey through creative reuse makes economic sense. Why take an extra trip to the grocery store when you have a free breakfast topping or baking staple solidifying in your pantry?

Rescuing crystalized honey also avoids landfill contributions, which keeps our planet healthy.

Americans throw out $444 worth of food annually. That's 80 million tons — 38% of all the food in the United States. As that waste decays, it emits harmful gases like methane and nitrous oxide, which contribute to rising global temperatures, trigger extreme weather events, transmit bacteria and viruses that can cause disease, and make the air more difficult to breathe, hurting those with compromised respiratory systems.

Preserving honey through innovative reuse embodies the reduce, reuse, and recycle mentality our planet needs. Bees work tirelessly to produce honey, so we should honor their efforts by enjoying every drop.

What everyone's saying 

Users echoed excitement over learning crystalized honey gets revived so easily. "Yes! thats the good stuff," one honey aficionado exclaims.

Beyond melting minds, themonticarlo's tips motivate others to share theirs, like the user who says, "Sometimes I can get it going again if I run it under hot water from the sink!"

Clearly, this game-changing yet simple hack is creating quite a positive buzz.

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