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Home cook demonstrates money-saving method to easily turn crystallized honey into liquid gold: 'This looks divine'

"[It's] one of my favorite hacks."

“[It’s] one of my favorite hacks."

Photo Credit: @beekeepers_naturals / Instagram

Honey has long been touted as one food that will never go bad. However, that doesn't mean that it won't crystallize into a sticky situation. One Instagram video shared by Beekeeper's Naturals (@beekeepers_naturals) shows folks an easy way to revive their honey.

The scoop

The Instagram video explains that honey that is crystallized shouldn't be thrown away or heated up. Instead, it can be placed in a bowl and whipped with a stand mixer, handheld blender, or food processor until it starts to have a whipped consistency. 

The honey can be enjoyed just like the regular version, like in a tea, or it can be drizzled onto a cake or peanut butter and banana sandwich for a sweet twist. 

In the comments, another user suggested submerging the honey into a pot of hot water, but carefully avoiding boiling it too much to prevent killing beneficial enzymes and compounds in the sweetener. 

How it's helping

In the caption, the account noted that crystallization is a natural process that occurs in "raw, unpasteurized honey." This is because the sweetener contains more sugar than water. Eating crystallized honey doesn't come with any health risks (nor does it mean the honey has gone "bad" and needs to get thrown out), but it is difficult to spread and transfer out of the container. 

Reviving honey back to a creamy state is an easy way to cut down on the cost of buying a new container after you toss your crystallized one in the trash. This also keeps the bottles out of landfills — and delicious useable honey in your cupboard. 

You can also cut down on your honey-based waste by making tea in the leftover honey jar to soak up the remaining sweetener. If you buy a ton of honey, you might even consider becoming a beekeeper — and help promote more pollinators in your community. 

What everyone's saying

Users were impressed by how delicious the whipped honey looked. "This looks divine," one user wrote. 

"[It's] one of my favorite hacks," another user shared. 

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