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Shopper shares ingenious trick for 'empty' honey jars: 'Good on you for your ingenuity'

"I thought I was the only person that did this."

Making tea from leftovers in honey jar

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One Redditor got creative to avoid wasting the product of hardworking honeybees — absorbing the last bit of honey from the jar by making tea right inside! 

Their post features a photo of the glass honey jar with tea brewing, "I make a jar of tea when I can't scrape up a whole tablespoon anymore" they said. They also mention that they will remove the label on the jar to use it as a water glass. 

"Good on you for your ingenuity" one commenter praised

This clever kitchen hack saves you money and encourages you to drink tea — a drink that greatly benefits your health by boosting your immune system, reducing inflammation, and more. 

Plus, you can use the jar as a cup later on like this Redditor does, and then you'll have extra glassware on hand, too. 

If you don't buy your honey in glass jars or don't like tea, that's okay! One commenter suggested honey water instead — when you dissolve a bit of honey into warm water to give it a sweeter taste. 

"Honey water with salt is actually my favorite isotonic drink for sports or just hot weather" they said

Getting every last drop out of the honey jar is good for the environment. Around one-third of all food in the U.S. is thrown away each year — 42 billion pounds of that comes directly from food wasted in American homes. 

Also, the honey industry isn't the most environmentally friendly practice for a few reasons — one being that large colonies of bees bred to make honey can overpower native bee populations. 

This isn't to say that you should stop eating honey. However, it is important to be mindful of the environmental impact of food production and to avoid wasting even small amounts when it's possible. 

Reactions to the post varied — some were happy to hear that they weren't alone, as one user said, "[I] thought I was the only person that did this." 

"I do this every time, if it's a small container just as some hot water and shake, then add that to your tea," another added

Others offered up ideas to limit waste with other foods, "I love using my rubber spatula to find a whole extra tablespoon of peanut butter on the sides of a nearly empty jar," they said.

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