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Proud homesteader shares progress photos of building functional chicken coop for under $10: 'Looks better than some [pricey] coops'

"Chickens must be really happy now!"

"Chickens must be really happy now!"

Photo Credit: Reddit

Buying a new hen house for your chickens can be pretty expensive, but not if you get most of the materials from your local dump like one Redditor did. 

The proud homeowner posted five photos of their handiwork to the r/Anticonsumption subreddit, which discusses the downfalls of consumer culture and how to live more sustainably. 

"Chickens must be really happy now!"
Photo Credit: Reddit
"Chickens must be really happy now!"
Photo Credit: Reddit

The small wooden chicken coop isn't particularly fancy, but it provides a cozy home for the animals. The coop features a couple of areas, complete with several roosting perches and two latched doors to let the chickens in and out. There's also a wooden ramp to give the chickens access to each level. 

In the last photo, two eggs are laying in straw in the nesting area. One side of the coop has a sliding glass door, proving that you can give almost anything a second life if you're willing to get a little creative. 

"Not the prettiest coop, but it's functional, and my chickens love it. Everything I used to build the coop (including the screws and wire) was salvaged from worksite dumpsters, free marketplace stuff, or roadside finds. I used 100 framing nails on the roof and frame ($2.84)," the OP said in the caption. 

Since the Redditor repurposed items, they saved potentially hundreds of dollars. They also prevented the discarded materials from winding up in a landfill, where they would have decomposed and released planet-warming gases such as methane

Reducing pollution from waste cools the planet and safeguards communities from extreme weather driven by the changing climate. In addition, reusing wood helps cut down on deforestation, which accounts for about 10% of global heat-trapping pollution and destroys ecosystems. 

If you have extra items you want to get off your hands, companies including Patagonia and Best Buy will offer you store credit or cash. 

Donating, selling, or recycling items can also declutter your home. However, Greenpeace USA recently called plastic recycling a "failed concept," reporting that only about 5% of plastic gets recycled. 

However, if you follow your city's guidelines and make an effort to recycle glass and aluminum, the planet will benefit from your positive actions.

"This legit looks better than some coops I've seen that were pretty pricey," one user said.

"It's lowkey sort of adorable too! Just face that white part away and you are perfect. I'm obsessed," another complimented, adding a heart-eyed emoji of approval.

"Chickens must be really happy now!" another added.

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