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Tenant deeply concerned by landlord's response to their 'super dangerous' gas leak issue: 'Call your fire department'

"We've been turning off the gas to the stove between uses due to the gas smell."

Gas leak

Photo Credit: u/tangerine3333 / Reddit

One exasperated Redditor recently turned to the r/FixIt subreddit for advice on repairing a "super dangerous" leaky gas stove that their landlord refuses to fix.

Normally, r/fixit is dedicated to helping users repair anything, from "eyeglasses, to office chairs, … appliances, kitchen utensils, drills, chainsaws, and machines of all ilk." But in this case, the problem is simply too severe.

"We've been turning off the gas to the stove between uses due to the gas smell," says the original poster. They then share pictures of a gas fixture inside the stove that appears corroded.

A moderator for the forum soon replies, "This is one of those times where the only advice r/fixit can ethically give is: Seek the assistance of a properly trained professional." 

They go on to explain that a gas leak is too dangerous for the original poster to repair by themselves. "Because it seems likely that your problem might be placing yourself and others at risk of life and limb, we can't advise you to do anything other than contact the pros."

Natural gas can be a health hazard even when it's working correctly, being linked in recent studies to heart and breathing problems. This is one reason that Los Angeles banned gas in all new buildings. This dirty energy source, which releases heat-trapping gases into the air, is also a factor in Earth's rising temperature

When there's a leak, the situation is even more dangerous, as HowStuffWorks explains: "Inhaling high concentrations can also lead to asphyxia (when the body is deprived of oxygen) and possibly death." One New York City resident started a battle with their apartment co-op over their plan to replace their gas stove altogether to avoid these risks. 

A few commenters offer the original poster advice for getting it fixed quickly. "If you are concerned about gas leaking, call your fire department or gas company. They will come out with their testers and check," says one user. 

Another commenter who has been through a similar situation offers more detail about what their gas company did. "It's basically an official work order for the landlord to fix or replace the stove. It means you could a) take them to court if it's not fixed and b) charge them (take a discount on your rent) for time that you do not have a working stove."

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