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Gardener shares benefits of repurposing old yogurt containers: 'Why haven't I thought of this before?'

"Gardening is fantastic for repurposing trash."

"Gardening is fantastic for repurposing trash."

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April showers bring May flowers, so make sure you plant some seeds. Now is the time to get your garden going so you have flowers, fruit, and veggies this summer. One Redditor shared how they are reducing their consumption while starting seeds. 

In a post to r/Anticonsumption, a gardener showed how they are getting their garden ready with old yogurt cups. The accompanying caption reads, "Joining this reusable planter train. Plastic yogurt cups plant starters." 

"Gardening is fantastic for repurposing trash."
Photo Credit: Reddit

The photo shows a metal rack containing a few dozen plastic containers filled with soil. Each pot was labeled with the seeds inside. If you have a yogurt habit, this is a great way to reuse the plastic tubs it comes in. 

In the comments of the Reddit post, the original poster gave some additional details about their process of using these tubs as planters: "I took a drill bit and stacked them up to drill holes for drainage." 

Yogurt containers are just one of the many items around your house you can use as planters; plastic boxes, gallon jugs, toilet paper tubes, and egg cartons all make great seed starters. 

If you are planning to start from seeds this year in your garden, using containers you already have can save you money. Gardening can sometimes be an expensive endeavor, so finding ways to keep costs down at every stage can make a big difference. New seed starter sets can cost up to $40, so depending on how many plants you're growing, these savings can add up. 

In addition to the cost-saving benefits, repurposing items keeps trash out of the landfill. Managing your single-use plastic could help you save up to 50 pounds of trash. Landfills contribute to the warming of the planet by releasing methane, which is even more potent than carbon dioxide. 

The EPA reports that landfills are the third-largest source of methane pollution in the United States generated by human activity, accounting for approximately 14.3% of the pollution in 2021.

Folks in the comments loved this idea. One person said, "Why haven't I thought of this before. I eat yogurt daily and love plants."

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Someone else chimed in, saying, "Gardening is fantastic for repurposing trash."

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