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Shopper comes across polarizing high-end hoodie for incredible price at thrift store: 'This might be the find of the year'

The commenter admitted they were out of touch with fashion.

The commenter admitted they were out of touch with fashion.

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In thrifting, good things come to those who search the racks, like this one Redditor who found a designer hoodie for only $10. They shared their recent find on Reddit's r/ThriftStoreHauls thread to thousands of like-minded thrifters.

The thrifter posted a photo of a green Needles hoodie that they found on a recent thrifting trip. The Redditor described how "this might be the find of the year for me next to the Moncler backpack I found for $7."

high-end hoodie
Photo Credit: Reddit

It may not look fancy, but according to one commenter, this simple Needles hoodie retails for over $375, making this find a steal. Even though many similar hoodies are priced at $220 online, it's still a great deal.  

Sometimes, thrifting is all about knowing what to look for and not overlooking the simple pieces. As other thrifters have shared, there's nothing better than finding a designer sweater that usually sells for a couple of hundred dollars for a tiny fraction of that.

While it could be a fake, the original poster shared how they "google image search everything… and this exact one came up immediately on one of my favorite sites."

If you're willing to do some digging, thrifting can be a great way to score unique, vintage, and designer pieces for a fraction of the cost. On top of that, you're helping save the planet by diverting secondhand clothing from the landfill and reducing the demand for new clothes. 

With the fashion industry reportedly making up 10% of human-made carbon pollution, switching over to secondhand is a great way to help everyone breathe easier.

The commenters loved the original poster's thrift find, even though one or two of them said it's not for them. However, one of the great things about thrifting is that you can try out new styles without the cost or environmental impact of constantly buying new clothes.

One commenter admitted, "I wish I could spot the expensive brands that make their way to these shops. I am so out of touch with fashion, I'd have breezed right past this haha."

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