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Shopper stunned after checking price tag on Vera Wang wedding dress at thrift store: 'I couldn't believe how well it fit off the rack'

"Total score here."

"Total score here."

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One thrifter lucked out with an incredible find — a designer wedding dress for just $20. And the best part? It fit her perfectly. 

The beautiful Vera Wang dress was featured on the subreddit r/ThriftStoreHauls, and the Redditor mentioned that it typically retails for $1,500. 

Vera Wang is a famous American designer known for clothing, jewelry, fragrances, and more. Her specialty, however, is in dress design. 

"Would you buy a Vera Wang dress for $20 at the thrift store that retails for $1,500?" The Redditor asked in the caption. 

"Total score here."
Photo Credit: u/TheGoodwillHunt / Reddit

The only thing better than this kind of deal would be multiple similar deals. But what if we told you that it's not uncommon for thrifters to find high-fashion items like this for next to nothing? 

One shopper found a Versace dress that, if authentic, would cost more than $10,000 — the poster got it for $12

Another thrifter snagged a Jean Paul Gaultier dress for just $9 when it would usually sell for hundreds, and a third found Allen Edmonds shoes for $15 instead of $400. 

All of this shows that although secondhand stores may seem full of unwanted items, there are amazing and affordable finds if you keep your eyes peeled. 

Plus, who says "unwanted" items are bad? A seller may get rid of an article of clothing because they were bored of wearing it or needed to declutter. Other bigger items like art and furniture may come from someone who's moving far away and needs to downsize. More often than not, there's nothing actually wrong with it with secondhand items. 

In fact, buying your clothes and other items second hand is also a great way to help the planet. Clothing is the top source of textile waste in the U.S. Keeping clothing in circulation for as long as possible ensures that it will only be thrown out once it's no longer usable. 

While the Redditor noted, "I couldn't believe how well it fit off the rack," they said they left it behind since they were already married. 

Commenters couldn't believe the find. "Total score here. Looks amazing on you!" said one user. "If I came across this I would've bought it for my upcoming wedding reception," wrote another. 

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