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Here's how to get paid for your old, garage-cluttering sports equipment — in less than 15 minutes

To sell your sports gear, bring it to the nearest store during business hours.

Play It Again Sports

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If you have old sports and fitness equipment taking up space in your garage, now's the time to trade it in for cash. 

Play It Again Sports, a secondhand sporting goods chain, is always buying. The company's easy process will let you walk away in minutes with cash in hand.

How to trade in your equipment to Play It Again Sports

To sell your sports gear, bring it to the nearest store during business hours. A representative will appraise your items on the spot based on quality, condition, brand, and what the store already has in stock, and they will make an offer in 10 to 15 minutes. You can choose to receive cash or a check — or to trade your items for credit toward a purchase. If you go the trade-in route, you'll get an extra discount as a bonus.

Play It Again Sports will accept equipment for any sport or fitness activity that there's demand for in your area, no matter the season. The store will even take athletic shoes and some sports apparel. As long as your items are in good, lightly used condition, Play It Again Sports is ready to resell them.

Why sell your old athletic gear?

It's easy to end up with bulky equipment gathering dust in your garage. Whether you've moved on to a new sport or hobby, upgraded your equipment, or simply outgrown your gear, reselling it is the ideal solution. You get cash for your items, you get to clear out space in your home, and another buyer gets the chance to enjoy the equipment you didn't want.

Reselling used belongings instead of throwing them away helps reduce the amount of trash going to landfills. It also decreases the need to use energy and materials to make new items.

If you have used items besides sports gear that you'd like to pass on, there are other programs available that will buy them. For Days will let you trade in unwanted clothing for new outfits, and GotSneakers will give you cash for your old shoes.

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