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Literally every college student needs to know about this hack for making money off old textbooks

GoTextbooks is a website where you can sign up to sell back books.

GoTextbooks Website

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College textbooks are expensive, especially for something you'll use for only one semester. Some bookstores offer buyback programs at a marked-down price, but now there's a better option: You can sell your used textbooks to GoTextbooks.

How does GoTextbooks work?

GoTextbooks is a website where you can sign up to sell back books. Enter the book's ISBN (the ID number found near the barcode on the back of the book) to get an instant price quote for one or more books. The shipping is free; just confirm that you want to sell, and GoTextbooks will issue a printable, prepaid UPS shipping label. 

Then drop your package off at any UPS location, and GoTextbooks will email you when the warehouse receives it. The company will email you again when the book has been processed, and after that, you'll receive your check or PayPal payment within two weeks.

Why should I sell my used textbooks to GoTextbooks?

If you're on a budget like most students, getting cash back for your textbooks can help stretch your money that much further. Last semester's books can help offset the price of the ones you need next semester. 

GoTextbooks' prices are often better than what you'll get from the campus bookstore, especially for items in worn condition. At the same time, you're clearing out clutter from your living space with no fuss, without sending the books to a landfill — making this an eco-friendly choice.

Chegg, a student-centered education technology company, endorses GoTextbooks and even links to its site. Chegg doesn't buy back textbooks itself, but it still has a page for the service. 

"Done with your book? Make some money by selling it with GoTextbooks," says a banner.

Will GoTextbooks take any book?

GoTextbooks will take a wide range of textbooks and materials as long as they're in decent condition. Small stains, folds, and tears are all acceptable, as long as there's no water damage or missing pages. Books that have been highlighted or written in are okay, as long as the marks aren't extensive and they don't leave the book unreadable. The company will even take loose-leaf pages if they're shrink-wrapped, as well as multiple copies of the same book.

If you have other books besides textbooks that you want to trade in, GoTextbooks may not be able to help, but PaperBackSwap.com can. For other items like clothes, try For Days.

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