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Lucky thrifter scores 'rare' pair of Dr. Martens for a fraction of the price: 'I'm hunting these on eBay right now'

"I'm so happy, I practically skipped back home!"

Oxblood Dr Martens

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Thrift shoppers can often discover hidden treasures, but this Redditor managed to uncover a super rare find on their last shopping trip.

"I'm so happy, I practically skipped back home!" said the user in the original post. Taking to the thread /rThriftStoreHauls, they shared a picture of a pair of oxblood Dr. Martens that they scored for less than $25. 

This subreddit has become increasingly popular among the thrifting community, and many Redditors have taken to sharing incredible finds from thrift stores around the world. 

Alongside these oxblood boots, recent posts have boosted an impressive sneaker haul, a vintage dresser for around half the usual price, and a 133-piece set of dishware under $100.

"They're even a rarer find now," said one user about the boots. "I kid you not, 1-2 years before the pandemic I would find several, it was still a lucky find but I remember dozens."

Besides the obvious benefit of gaining some rare products for cheap prices, these patient thrifters are also shopping with sustainability in mind. By buying secondhand products, shoppers are reducing the number of items that end up in landfills. 

And this isn't a small problem, either. Every year in the U.S., people throw away more than 300 million pairs of shoes. Leather shoes, such as these boots, can take up to 25 to 40 years to naturally break down and decompose.

While brands like Dr. Marten focus on using durable materials to make their products last longer, many perfectly good shoes end up in landfills as waste.

This is when thrifting becomes a great solution. Secondhand items are still often in great condition, and if they aren't, it's possible to repair shoes at a cobbler to get them looking as good as new again. 

Such impressive-looking boots quickly gathered attention from other keen thrifters on Reddit.

"WOW that is a score for sure," wrote one user. Another added: "I am chuffed for you! I'm hunting these on Ebay right now."

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