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Thrift shopper shares photos of 'breathtaking' sneaker haul they got for a fraction of the price: 'Such a great find'

"This is … a breathtaking thrift."

Thrifted sneakers

Photo Credit: u/quality_tom/ Reddit

A lucky Redditor shared a serious wardrobe makeover scored at their local thrift store, and the finds will make you gasp.

"I got $99 but a thrift ain't one," the poster captions their series of photos

The haul included a number of like-new sneakers. "Jordan 3 'Infared' [sic] and Nike Air Max 97 'Triple White'," the Redditor captions one image. They also found several other pairs of Nike Air Max, a vintage Fred Perry jacket, a sweatshirt from a BMW/Mini Cooper x Ice Cream collaboration, a Polo travel bag, and a pair of Gucci loafers, among other items. 

The shoe scores alone are enough to make anyone do a double-take. Vintage Jordans will set you back hundreds of dollars, especially in good condition. New Nike Air Max shoes start at $160. And the Gucci loafers? A new pair similar to the ones pictured cost $960

The Ice Cream x BMW/Mini hoodie is a particularly cool find too, as it was part of a limited-edition sustainable collection aimed at drawing attention to the conservation and advocacy work of Polar Bears International. It was only available to purchase through a NTWRK live episode. 

Scores like this are not uncommon at thrift stores. One Redditor recently found a pair of Christian Louboutin flats for less than the price of a cup of coffee. Another thrifter recently found a vintage pair of Doc Martens at a 90% discount. 

Redditors were left in awe of the haul. 

One Redditor couldn't believe the score. 

"Wait whaaaa?!?" the commenter asks. "Which county?"

"Someone must've died or their ex dropped off all their good clothes," one Redditor muses. "Such good finds."

Another commenter wanted to congratulate the Redditor on their haul. "This is … a breathtaking thrift," they say. "Congrats on such a great find."

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