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Bargain hunter finds vintage dresser for only $100 at the thrift store: 'That's a gorgeous piece, never mind the great price'

"Still in love with this."

Vintage dresser

Photo Credit: u/seektocomprehend/ Reddit

Putting together furniture at home can sometimes be more of a headache than it's worth. Whether you're piecing together the latest trendy item from IKEA or hiring a Task Rabbit to do it for you, some frustration is nearly guaranteed. 

This crafty Reddit user avoided all that inconvenience and then some when they found a gorgeous vintage dresser at their local thrift store. In their viral post, the user writes, "Still in love with this vintage dresser that I scored for $100."

Dressers can vary in price, but even budget dressers can get up to around $200. These dressers are often made of particleboard or low-quality wood and may not be as durable as more expensive options.

These days, budget furniture is often made using fast furniture processes, which are bad for the consumer. In many cases, fast furniture is poor quality because the pieces are mass-produced in factories with lower-quality materials, like pressboard. Although fast furniture is convenient and cheap, its low quality may mean that you have to replace pieces more often.

It's also harmful to the environment. Many fast furniture pieces are made from woods sourced from unsustainable and often illegal logging operations. This contributes to deforestation and the loss of valuable forest ecosystems. 

Furthermore, the production of fast furniture often involves the use of chemicals and materials that are harmful to the environment, such as formaldehyde and petroleum-based synthetic fibers. These substances can release pollutants into the air and water, leading to negative impacts on human health and the environment. And when all is said and done, these cheap pieces often get dumped right into the landfill.

Commenters on the thread are certainly ready to follow suit, with one writing, "That's a gorgeous piece, never mind the great price." 

Another had recommendations for additional decor, suggesting, "A worthy display area for Legos, too."

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