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Shopper stunned after finding incredible collection of kitchen items at thrift store: 'Sweet mother Mary, that's a score'

"Who would get rid of these?"

"Who would get rid of these?"

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Next time you walk through a thrift store, move slowly, take your time, and keep your eyes peeled. You never know what treasure awaits you just around the corner. 

In a trending Reddit post, one thrifter scored a huge collection of Le Creuset cookware in beautiful colors, which looks to be in excellent condition. 

"Who would get rid of these?"
Photo Credit: Reddit

"Found a huge lot of Le Creuset at the thrift store the other day," the original poster wrote. "Just passed through the pots and pans and called my husband, who was on the other side of the store, to get a cart!"

The subreddit r/ThriftStoreHauls has been trending lately because everyone loves a good deal. Shoppers have been uncovering everything from kitchen appliances to designer bags and gold coins simply by choosing secondhand over brand new. 

Not only are these savvy shoppers saving a lot of money and finding happiness through discovering rare and valuable items, but they're also keeping unwanted stuff out of landfills. Most thrift store finds cannot be easily recycled, so reusing them is the best option for reducing waste and our environmental impact. 

Le Creuset cookware is designed to last a lifetime, and if purchased new, cookware sets like the one featured in the Reddit post would cost hundreds of dollars. 

One person's trash really is another's treasure. 

An estimated 18% of Americans shop at thrift stores in person and an impressive 93% shop online for secondhand deals, according to Capital One Shopping. 

"Sweet mother Mary, that's a score," one Reddit user commented

Another Redditor wrote, "So lucky!!! And they look in amazing condition too, I'd also have snagged them all, love a bit of Le Creuset!"

"That's like 900 dollars of Le Creuset! Who would get rid of these? Lucky you!" raved another fan of the cookware in the comments.

If you love the idea of thrifting but are intimidated by the crowded racks and unpredictable inventory, check out our guide to thrifting for pro tips and inspiration. 

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