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Shopper claims 'pure luck' after saving big on iconic KitchenAid stand mixer at estate sale: 'I'm amazed it was still there'

"Beautiful! Lucky you."

"Beautiful! Lucky you."

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If you think Black Friday deals are the only way to save big on name-brand kitchen appliances, think again. You can save hundreds of dollars year-round by shopping at estate sales or thrift stores. 

Take it from this Reddit user, who found a dreamy butter-yellow KitchenAid mixer, bowl, and accessories — a set that retails for $449.99 online — for just $50 at a local estate sale. They shared pictures of their find in the subreddit r/ThriftStoreHauls.

"Beautiful! Lucky you."
Photo Credit: Reddit

"I asked, 'What's the best you can do?'" wrote the author as they relived the transaction on Reddit. "They said $50, and threw in the other couple things I was holding. Pure luck."

Luck or not, The Cool Down has covered multiple incredible deals found and shared by buyers on Reddit, including this person who found a Breville espresso machine at Goodwill for just $30, another who thrifted a 10k gold ring for $7, and one user who snagged $5,000 worth of unused wood trim for a home renovation project that cost them just $40.

From everyday items to obscure vintage finds and designer brands for cheap, almost anything can be purchased secondhand. Not only can you find almost anything cheaper than you would brand new, but thrifting also keeps perfectly good items out of landfills.

For example, thrifting half of your clothing from secondhand sellers could save you $75 a year. And instead of throwing your old clothes away, donating even some of them to thrift stores where they can be resold and given a second life can prevent an estimated 20 pounds of waste out of landfills.

Users were shocked by the author of the original post's find and were convinced it had everything to do with luck.

"I'm amazed it was still there," responded one Redditor.

"Beautiful! Lucky you," echoed another user.

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