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Thrifter surprised after snagging Stanley 'craze' item for fraction of retail price: 'I thought it was something else'

"I need a minute to process this."

"I need a minute to process this."

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If you've missed out on the Stanley cup craze taking over social media and causing mayhem at stores, you'll be happy to know you don't have to fight crowds or camp out at Target to get your hands on one. 

One lucky thrift shopper shared her incredible find in the r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit: a Stanley tumbler on sale for just $5.99 — quite a bargain since a brand new one costs $35-$60. 

The fortunate thrifter posted three photos of their highly coveted Stanley cup, showing off the pewter blue tumbler to the community. 

"I need a minute to process this."
Photo Credit: Reddit
"I need a minute to process this."
Photo Credit: Reddit

"Brand new. $6 but I had a discount at the store so I paid less. I'm ashamed to say I'm now 'One of those people,' a Stanley owner," they said in the post. 

While the recycled stainless steel tumblers have stirred up much controversy because of the hype around them, they have plenty of benefits for your wallet and the planet. 

Switching to a reusable water bottle can eliminate the need for hundreds of disposable ones and save you over $1,300 per year. 

Plus, you won't be contributing to the over 60 million plastic water bottles thrown out daily in the U.S. alone, not to mention the amount tossed globally. Most of these wind up in landfills, waterways, and parks, polluting the environment and presenting health hazards to humans and wildlife. 

If you're not a fan of Stanley, you can still find great deals on other everyday items like clothing, dishes, and accessories at thrift stores since secondhand items typically sell for a third of their original price. Sometimes, you may even come across something rare and valuable, like this John Molloy sweater someone found. 

Thrifting is a hot trend, as a thredUP report estimated the global secondhand market will nearly double by 2027, growing to a $350 billion industry. 

"THAT is the fabled Stanley mug everyone is going crazy for?? I thought it was something else, like a miniature Stanley Cup or something. I need a minute to process this," one commenter said.

"No shame [in] paying $6 for a mug that keeps your drinks cold. The shame is fighting over a $50 to $100 mug that keeps your drinks cold," another said.

"I saw a TikTok done by someone who thrifts three times a week, and she said that you know when a trend is ending when the dupes start showing up at the thrift store," another added.

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