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Shopper elated to find highly sought-after espresso maker in mint condition at thrift store: 'This is an absolutely fantastic machine and a great score'

"I hope to be as lucky as you one day!"

"I hope to be as lucky as you one day!"

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Just think of how wonderful it would be to wake up to freshly brewed lattes and mochas in your very own kitchen. 

Many of us would love to have our own espresso machine at home. But with price tags ranging well into the hundreds and even thousands of dollars, the cost can be prohibitive. 

That's why one Redditor was so excited upon finding an impressive deal on a thrift store espresso machine. 

"I hope to be as lucky as you one day!"
Photo Credit: Reddit

The original poster shared a photo of the espresso machine with r/ThriftStoreHauls followers and wrote about desperately wanting an espresso machine and coming very close to buying this exact model brand-new. The coffee lover held off for just a bit longer, and that patience paid off big time. 

"A couple weeks later … found for $30 in a nondescript black box at Goodwill," the lucky thrifter said

The thrifter only had to make a 20-minute repair to the pump, and now it works perfectly. 

Thrifting is trending right now, with more and more people finding their passion for the hunt and raving about their thrift store finds in online forums. 

The thrift store market is growing in the United States and worldwide, and research shows that 62% of Gen Z and millennials prefer thrifted and used items over new ones, according to data relayed by the U.S. Census Bureau. Many thrift stores now sell much more than just vintage clothing and are hot spots to find high-end kitchen appliances, music equipment, mobility aids, and jewelry

But it's not all just about finding a good deal. 

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An estimated 60% of people say they'd change their shopping habits to reduce their environmental impact, according to Research Insights. By heading to a thrift store instead of the mall or your go-to online retailer, you can keep espresso machines and much more out of landfills while saving a ton of money and giving your home a unique, full-of-character vibe. 

"This is an absolutely fantastic machine and a great score," one user commented.

Another Redditor said: "This is my dream find as well! I hope to be as lucky as you one day!!!"

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