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DIY wizard shares before and after photos of their restored charcuterie board: 'Bringing this teak back to life'

Some of the best thrift store finds just need a little TLC.

John Boos mystery oil

Photo Credit: u/Bright_Net3064 / Reddit

Some of the best thrift store finds just need a little TLC to make them shine, as one handy Reddit proved with a secondhand charcuterie board.

Lately, smart shoppers across the U.S. have turned to secondhand options, buying inexpensive clothes and housewares at thrift stores and online. Some have found incredible bargains — including luxury leather shoes, expensive cookware, and a brand-new backpack.

But even simple items like quality furniture and dishes can be a good deal — especially if a buyer is willing to do some minor restorations to get the item in shape. Many TikTokers, Instagrammers, and Redditors are eager to share their tricks, like this one for fixing snagged sweaters.

"Bringing this teak back to life," the post's caption reads.

In January, a Redditor posted to r/CleaningTips to show off a charcuterie board they found for only $3, which they say is made of teak. In the "before" picture, it looks well-used with dull, dry wood. However, the wood itself is solid without obvious cracks or flaws — making it a perfect candidate for easy restoration.

The "after" picture almost seems like a different board with its luminous golden wood. 

"John Boos mystery oil," the OP says, in response to commenters who wanted to know what they used. "I use a paper towel usually."

By using simple tricks like this one to restore old, worn-out items, shoppers open up a whole range of options in thrift stores. With multiple trips and a little luck, it's possible to equip a whole kitchen or fill a whole closet with inexpensive secondhand finds — without sacrificing quality. 

Not only is this a budget-friendly approach, but it's also eco-friendly, as it helps reduce the amount of used clothing and other products that go to landfills. If more items are passed on to new owners instead of being thrown out, there is less need for raw materials to make new ones.

Aside from asking for wood restoration tips, several Redditors commented on the design of the OP's charcuterie board, which has a large inset saying "cheese." 

"I can't look at that and not smile no matter how I try," says one commenter. The OP simply replies with a smiling emoji.

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