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Clothing designer on Instagram reveals the easiest way to fix snags in your sweaters: 'This is genius'

"It's super handy to have if you wear jewelry like I do."

Easiest way to fix snags

If you have a snag in your knit clothing, Decade Studio Denim (@decade_studio) knows exactly how to fix it.

Knit and crocheted clothing and accessories are trendy this season, but it takes only one snag to make them look untidy and worn out, even if the garment is new. Worse, cutting off the snag can create a hole as the knit unravels. To salvage the item, Decade Studio Denim offers this advice.

In the video, the designer displays a needle threader that she says viewers can find in a drugstore sewing kit. Rather than using it for sewing, she says, "these things are really good at fixing snags in sweaters, just like this one." 

She then demonstrates how to locate the source of the snag, poke the needle threader through from the inside of the garment, and pull the snagged yarn inside, where it's invisible. "It's super handy to have if you wear jewelry like I do, and a lot of knitwear like I do," she concludes.

Simple clothing repairs like this one can bring new life to any wardrobe so garments last longer before they need to be replaced. They also make thrifting more practical, as slightly damaged clothing that a buyer might have skipped over in the past becomes easily fixable. In both cases, using this hack saves money — and protects the environment by keeping clothing out of landfills.

"This is genius!!!!" comments one viewer. "I've always tried to use yarn needles for this but this looks so much easier!" 

Other commenters on the video agree, saying they've used knitting needles, sewing needles, or even their hands trying to achieve the same result.

Another commenter explains her past method using double-looped thread, but adds, "Now that I know what this thing is for, it'll be easier to do and to thread needles!"

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