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This common kitchen appliance could be putting your lungs at risk — here's what to do about it

The alternatives also are way, way faster at preparing your food, all while cooking it more evenly.

Induction stove

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Around the country, chefs, restaurants, and other Americans are seeing the immense benefits of installing induction stoves.

Upgrading your electric or gas-powered stoves to induction can save you money on your energy bills and reduce your environmental impact, as these stoves don't spew out planet-warming methane gas.

Induction stoves are also way, way faster at preparing your food, all while cooking it more evenly.

And while the upfront cost of an induction stove may be higher than that of a gas-powered stove, the new Inflation Reduction Act makes it way more affordable by giving you up to $840 back.

But beyond helping you save time, energy, and money, upgrading your stovetop to induction has another lesser-known benefit. It can protect your lungs. 

How can an induction stove protect your health?

While Americans are pretty used to gas stoves, many don't know about the recent data that's been uncovered about their hidden impacts. 

Now, we're finding out that about one in eight kids in America have asthma because their home has a gas stove. The nasty nitrogen dioxide gas and particulate matter from gas-powered stoves is irritating people's lungs.

And unfortunately, gas stoves have been repeatedly found to release toxic gases and carcinogenic substances. Who would want this in their home? 

Gas stoves have more hidden health hazards, including an increased likeliness of getting seriously ill from COVID-19 if exposed to the pollution from gas stoves.

But luckily, since induction stoves aren't powered by open flames but with electromagnetic energy, you'll breathe in way fewer gross fumes. Additionally, induction cooktops don't produce smoke or odors, so they can help reduce the amount of strange smells in your kitchen.

Upgrading to an induction stove allows you to eliminate this health hazard without sacrificing your pristine cooking setup. 

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