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Shopper shocked to discover luxury brand item at bottom of Goodwill bin: 'I would flip if I found something like this'

"What an awesome find!"

“What an awesome find!”

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Thrift shops are true treasure troves, and one Redditor experienced this firsthand when they found a designer scarf for only a few cents. 

The Redditor recently took to Thrift Store Hauls, a subreddit where thrifters can share their best hauls, and they certainly had something exciting to share. 

Photo Credit: u/ParticularFig / Reddit

"My greatest find: an authentic Hermes scarf in the bottom of a Goodwill bin," the post read. "Cost me a couple of cents." 

The post is accompanied by a picture of the thrifted find, alongside a screenshot of the silk scarf on Tradesy, where it was posted for $310. Similar original scarves are sold on eBay for just under $300.  

This lucky Redditor isn't the only one to find designer items for a fraction of the cost while thrifting, either. One shopper found genuine Ferragamo flats (worth $800) for only $4. Another found a Versace dress, estimated to be worth $10,000 if genuine, for only $12. Finally, a bride-to-be found a Vera Wang gown that fit her perfectly for only $20.

Photo Credit: u/ParticularFig / Reddit

Aside from the obvious savings of scoring high-quality designer pieces for a fraction of their original costs, thrifting has some major benefits for the environment. 

With the fashion industry pumping out billions of new garments each year, it shouldn't be too surprising that between 2% to 8% of global carbon pollution can be attributed to the industry. With so much clothing being produced so quickly, fast fashion has also led to a decline in the quality of clothing and how long they last. The number of times an article of clothing gets worn has declined by 36% in the past 15 years.

It is no surprise that commenters were envious of the find, with the post gaining 2.5k upvotes. 

"As a collector of scarves, I would flip if I found something like this," one person commented. "Hermes is my favorite, and it looks authentic to me."

"What an awesome find!" another wrote. "That's a beautiful scarf, I love the design and colors on it."

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