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Shopper discovers $880 designer shoes in 'near-perfect' condition for only $4 at a thrift store: 'That's such a classic style'

"Treat 'em nice and they'll last forever."

“Treat 'em nice and they’ll last forever.”

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There's nothing quite like thrifting an incredible find for an unbeatable price. When one woman shared a local thrift store find that saved the buyer over $800, Redditors applauded the savvy shopper on the designer score.

"My cousin found these genuine Ferragamo shoes for $4 at a local thrift store," the thrilled Redditor shared. "They are in near-perfect condition and a perfect fit … Still in season and go for $880 on the Ferragamo site!"

Ferragamo shoes
Photo Credit: u/allylarie / Reddit
Ferragamo shoes
Photo Credit: u/allylarie / Reddit

For shoppers who enjoy saving money and the thrill of the hunt, thrifting is a fun way to refresh the wardrobe. Lucky shoppers might even come across some astonishing deals like those designer Ferragamo flats. 

Some thrift and consignment shops also accept trades of gently worn apparel for cash back. Not only do thrifters save money, but they can also feel good about mitigating some of the impacts of fast fashion by giving their secondhand finds a new life.

Cheap, trendy, mass-produced clothing is costing people and the planet as shoppers buy more items but wear them for a shorter time, according to the United Nations Environment Programme

Throwing away new clothes and replacing them each season or with every changing trend is fueling humanitarian and environmental crises with huge amounts of textile waste piling up in landfills and dump sites across the globe. In addition to the polluting gases created by producing and transporting mass quantities of clothing, the items are often less durable and made from synthetic materials including plastics

Fast fashion companies are often linked to dangerous working conditions and exposure to harmful chemicals as they try to reduce cost and manufacturing time to meet demand.  

Although thrift stores face their own issues with responsibly discarding excess items and fashion waste, they can be a treasure trove of quality pieces from clothing and accessories to furniture and décor. 

Even slightly worn or damaged items can be major finds with some simple fixes or alterations. A visit to a local tailor or cobbler, or even learning some basic techniques yourself, can extend the life of clothes even further. Taking care of clothing, new or thrifted, will help you get the most from each piece. 

As one Redditor suggested to the owner of the Ferragamo find, "If they are older and haven't had the soles replaced I recommend taking them to a cobbler."

Another Redditor summed up beautifully, saying, "Treat 'em nice and they'll last forever."

Others were impressed by the sweet score. 

"That's such a classic style in such great condition. Congrats!" said one person. 

"Awesome find! Such a pretty, classic style," another wrote, while a third person added, "And what a low price!" 

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