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Shopper thrilled after discovering luxury product at local thrift store for a steal: 'This is the pinnacle of thrift treasure'

"$1800 new for their current [product]."

"$1800 new for their current [product]."

Photo Credit: iStock

It's every thrifter's dream to find something special, rare, or designer-made for a steal. One shopper from London got lucky and scored a luxury blanket for only £25. 

The thrift shopper took to Reddit in January to share their best thrift find of all time. A pristine blanket from the designer brand Hermès, the blanket was a favorite of many celebrities in the 2010s and cost nearly $3,000. 

"I found this Hermes giant Avalon blanket for £25 in a Salvation Army in Central London a few years ago, since then it's been with me through 3 house moves and a continent move," the Redditor, u/waxandtartans, said. "It's amazing and I'm still smitten."

"$1800 new for their current [product]."
Photo Credit: Reddit

The photos shared show several angles of the orange and white blanket. The throw is covered in the Hermès signature "H" and has a tag showing "made in Scotland," which appears to be where the current version of the blanket is made. 

Thrift shopping has the potential for the thrill of a holy grail find, but it is also a great way to shop for more mundane items, and it's a sustainable shopping practice that boasts numerous advantages. Shopping at thrift stores can extend the life cycle of many things and keep them out of landfills, as well as help reduce waste and reliance on plastic. Consider glass plates from a thrift store instead of plastic trays for your plants, for instance.

Thrifting has also gotten much more popular in recent years with many people trying to make eco-friendly choices and move away from fast fashion. EarthDay.org reported that, "From 2020 to 2022, revenues from the fashion industry grew 20% and, analysts are predicting a 5 to 10 percent increase in 2023 alone."

In addition to being good for the planet, thrifting is good for your wallet. Most people can save nearly $100 a year when shopping mostly at thrift stores. Plus you can get lucky and find a luxury or vintage item for a fraction of its price, everything from dresses to furniture

The commenters on r/ThriftStoreHauls were congratulatory, and maybe a little jealous of this score. One person said, "wooo hooo! $1800 new for their current, the Avalon III" to which to original poster replied, "I'd love to get a few more of these original ones someday. But they're so expensive!"

Another thrifter shared their Hermès find, "I once found a vintage Hermes scarf for $4.99 but this is the pinnacle of thrift treasure. Congrats OP I'm jealous!!"

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