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Bargain hunter saves hundreds of dollars by snagging 'incredible' high-end bar stools at their local thrift store

"They are heavy in a very satisfying way — and very stable,"

Lapalma bar stools

Photo Credit: u/PRAISEninJAH / Reddit

This may be the thrifting score to end all thrifting scores. One Reddit user snagged four Lapalma LEM bar stools — which retail at over $400 each — for a mere $200. 

The Redditor explains in r/ThriftStoreHauls that while they aren't usually a big thrifter, they stopped into a Habitat for Humanity Re-store looking for some extra stools for their bar-height dining room table. 

When the original poster (OP) arrived at the thrift store, they say the stools were being unloaded from a truck. Recognizing the stools, they asked the price and were told $64 per chair or $200 for all four. 

While the Redditor says it wasn't normally their style, they recognized the design and knew that worst case scenario, they could resell the stools themselves. They scooped them up for the bargain price and took them home. 

This was an incredible find because the original chairs retail anywhere from $300 to a whopping $942. The chairs' brand, Lapalma, is a luxury Italian design company, which has been around since the '80s. The company is known for its sleek bar stools, tables, and chairs. Coveted by modern design fans, the stools have become nothing if not iconic. 

As if finding these stools wasn't enough, OP goes on to say in a comment that they're in seemingly pristine condition. 

"They are in incredible condition overall. The height adjustment works perfectly on all [four] stools. They are heavy in a very satisfying way — and very stable," they write

Thrifters everywhere should be green with envy. 

Thrifting, which has gained some significant popularity in the last year, is a great way to cut down on the furniture being sent to landfills. The EPA estimated that in 2018 alone, 12.1 million tons of furniture were thrown away with over 80% of that heading to landfills. 

But OP isn't the only one finding amazing scores in thrift stores. We're seeing countless people grabbing everything from designer handbags to $40 lamps worth $22,000

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