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Plant lover reveals 'brilliant' tip to avoid buying flimsy plastic water-catching plates: 'I love this so much'

"So much prettier and [more] practical!"

"So much prettier and practical!”

Photo Credit: @wastefreeplanet / Instagram

This hack has it all. It helps keep your plants healthy, it reduces plastic, and it'll have you hitting up your local thrift store. Waste Free Planet (@wastefreeplanet) shared a really clever hack of replacing plastic plant saucers with thrift store platters and plates. 

The scoop

"Stop buying those flimsy, plastic plant saucers," the video begins. "Try thrifting dishes to put underneath your plants instead."

The video showcases an array of beautiful glass dishes being picked up from a thrift store. 

"They're way more sturdy, they can be cleaned, and they just look so much nicer!"

The video shows off the unique finds under some gorgeous houseplants. 

How it's helping

This hack helps eliminate a form of plastic from everyday life. Every year in the U.S., about 40 million tons of plastic waste gets thrown away. That's because only about 5% of the plastic being produced is actually being recycled

By thrifting for sturdy, long-lasting dishes instead, you're contributing to a more circular system, which means items being produced are being reused and repurposed instead of thrown out. 

Aside from the environmental benefits, this hack can also save you money. Many dishes and plates can be snagged for only a few bucks at a thrift store (not to mention they could be worth a lot more!). While that isn't quite as cheap as the plastic alternatives, it is a lot cheaper than the pottery saucers that often accompany plant pots

What everyone's saying

Instagrammers loved this clever idea. Many were either already taking advantage of it in their own homes or super excited to give it a try. 

"Love it! And the saucer that matches the pot can often be $15 or $20!" one person commented. "Save money too. Win win."

"Brilliant!" another person wrote. "Beautiful, economical and better for the planet."

"I use a lot of small thrifted plates—so much prettier and [more] practical!" an Instagrammer said. 

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