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Stark side-by-side contrast of neighbors' yards sparks online debate about mowing: 'Is it good or bad for the grass?'

"It depends on the weather."

"It depends on the weather."

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Some might think that the grass is always greener on the other side, but that doesn't seem to be the case for one Redditor. 

A debate about lawn maintenance has spilled onto the social media website after one user posted an image of their lawn in comparison with the neighbor's. 

With one side of the grass appearing green and healthy and the other looking yellow and dry, the Redditor suggested that regular attention has helped to make their lawn lush. 

"Is it good or bad for the grass to mow [it] constantly?" the Redditor asked. "My evidence points to good, compared to neighbors." 

Photo Credit: u/Dimencia / Reddit
Photo Credit: u/Dimencia / Reddit

The user noted that they use a Landroid to stay on top of trimming. The Roomba-like electric robot lawnmower from the brand Worx can help maintain a healthy lawn without the hassle of manual mowing. 

A camera and AI intelligence allow the Landroid to mow within a specific boundary without the need for a boundary wire. The device can also avoid obstacles, such as tools and toys, and other hazards, such as ponds or animals. 

But whether it's the Landroid that is keeping the grass so green is being disputed in the Reddit comment section. 

"Depends on grass type and climate," one person observed

"It depends on the weather," said another. "If the lawn gets enough water it's good, but during drought it's bad."

One Redditor suggested the Landroid was a reason for the stark comparison between grass color on a single patch: "My lawn improved a lot during the first few years after getting the Landroid." 

Amid record-high global temperatures and widespread drought, many homeowners are struggling to maintain traditional turf lawns since they require so much water. Some cities have even gone as far as to ban new homes being built from having grass lawns.

As a result, many are turning to grass alternatives, like clover lawns or moss lawns, which provide a similar look and feel as turf while requiring far less moving, watering, fertilizing, and general upkeep. 

Companies like Yardzen can also help homeowners design their own stunning and low-maintenance native plant yards using shrubs, grasses, flowers, and trees native to their area.

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