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This company turns money-sucking lawns into natural wonders: 'The results are always stunning'

Not only does rewilding add some major curb appeal to your yard, it also benefits the planet.

Yardzen's rewilding project transforms turf lawns into gorgeous, bloom-filled spaces

Photo Credit: Yardzen

Traditional grass lawns cost a ton of money to maintain each year, only for them to turn brown with the slightest hint of inclement weather. 

That's not to mention the sky-high water bills that always-thirsty turf can incur, and the plethora of costly and toxic pesticides it takes to keep grass green. 

When you take it all into account, it seems that lawns can be more of a headache than they're worth, huh? 

Yardzen, the world's largest outdoor design and build company, is showing us that money might actually grow on trees with its American Rewilding Project, through which it creates gorgeous natural outdoor spaces that can save customers money, time, effort, and frustration when it comes to yard maintenance. 

Yardzen's American Rewilding Project has already planted over 100,000 pollinator-friendly plants, more than 50,000 trees, and over 25,000 edible plants across the U.S., conserving more than 1.1 million gallons of water in the process, according to Yardzen's 2022 trend report.

And now, the company wants to help you reap the beauty and benefits of a rewilded yard.

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Yardzen custom rewilded yard
Photo Credit: Yardzen

What is rewilding?

Simply put, rewilding is the restoration of native plant species in man-made areas through various methods, like reforesting abandoned land and releasing critical fish species into man-made lakes. 

To the more traditional among us, please rest assured that rewilding does not mean you have to rip up all your grass and start fresh, although that is always an option. 

The rewilding method that Yardzen uses most commonly: strategically planting more native and climate-adapted plant species throughout your yard. The company can also shrink the amount of traditional turf grass in a yard with gravel gardens and sustainable decking, and can use natural boulders and rocks as environmentally friendly accents. 

Rewilding can be as simple as adding some pollinator-friendly potted plants to your front porch or adding garden beds to your backyard.

It can also be as big as replacing all your traditional turf-grass lawns with native grasses and plants. But the results are always stunning.

Yardzen applies as many rewilding tactics as clients desire, providing landscape design services custom-tailored to your location and climate.

The main goal of its American Rewilding Project is to help the planet by creating more habitats for necessary insects and wildlife, increasing species variety, purifying the air with plants, and beautifying neighborhoods.

Most of the company's designs emphasize the diversity of plants, creating a lush landscape of flowers, leaves, fruits, and herbs.

Even with so much focus on natural landscaping, Yardzen does not compromise the outdoor living aspect of a yard. Instead, it focuses on connecting people with nature and creating inviting outdoor spaces that bring community members together.

When it comes to the hardscape — the man-made features of a landscape such as pathways, pebble gardens, and decks — Yardzen partners with certified brands that provide durable materials that use responsible manufacturing practices to help protect our planet. 

Maybe money does grow on trees

Rewilding your yard can also net you some serious savings.

Using grass alternatives can shave money on your water bill, since native plants are better acclimated to your specific climate, and rarely require supplemental irrigation, unlike turf. 

Yardzen planting native trees
Photo Credit: Yardzen

These climate-adapted plant species will likely require no costly fertilizer or toxic pesticides, since they were made to coexist within the native ecosystem. 

And, by planting native trees, rewilding can actually help lower your energy bill, since the shade they provide can regulate the temperature of your home without needing to crank the air conditioner. As an added bonus, adding more native plants and trees can also purify the air around your home.

Rewilding revives nature

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Not only does rewilding add some major curb appeal to your yard, it also benefits the planet.

Traditional turf lawns provide little-to-no habitat for pollinators and other animals and plants that make up a healthy, diverse ecosystem.

Using native plant species in your landscaping supports pollinator populations, which helps to keep plants — including the plants we rely on for food — thriving and reproducing. Learn more about designing your own custom rewilded yard here.

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