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Thrift shopper scores high-end espresso machine for only a fraction of the retail price: 'You stole this'

"That made me jump for joy."

"That made me jump for joy."

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From a fun hobby to a lifelong passion, thrift shopping is widely known as the go-to method for finding inexpensive clothing and goods. Some frugal shoppers even go as far as finding luxury brands and high-end goods — like a fancy espresso machine.

This happened to be the case with one thrifty shopper who took to Reddit with their awesome Breville espresso machine find. 

This model sells for a cool $700 at most retailers. Posted to r/ThriftStoreHauls, the uploaded photo of the machine showcases a mind-boggling $34.99 price tag — a whopping 95% off of the retail price. 

The thrifter with this incredible find made their happiness quite clear. "As a coffee nerd, that made me jump for joy," they captioned the Reddit post. 

The posted photo indicates the model of the espresso maker, the Breville "Barista Express," which features precise temperature control, excellent water pressure, and a powerful steam wand. 

Espresso maker
Photo Credit: u/tisse74 / Reddit

Breville espresso machines are considered top-notch and revered for their quality. These machines are found in many coffee shops across the nation and are no doubt a barista's favorite, hence the aptly named model. 

Amazing thrift finds like these are actually not all that uncommon. Many thrifters find vintage designer clothes, valuable antique jewelry, and even cold hard cash

Shopping secondhand can lead to some remarkable finds without breaking the bank. Thrift stores and secondhand shops offer an infinite selection of various clothes and items for exceptionally reduced prices.

If saving money isn't enough of a reason to become your best thrifting self, then it is worthwhile to note the impact of such a sustainable practice. While many items come to a thrift shop well-worn and loved, some items tend to be never used or only used once. 

Purchasing these items as opposed to buying brand-new ones reduces the negative impacts tied to excessive consumption, such as increased pollution, excess plastic use, and wasted resources. 

Fellow Redditors were stoked to see this frugal shopper make a phenomenal secondhand find. 

"I…will jump with you," one commenter remarked in response to the caption. 

"You stole this!" joked another in regard to the ridiculously low price.  

One Redditor put in their two cents about the espresso machine's luxuriousness. "I work for a lot of wealthy clients. Most of them have this exact model."

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