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Shopper gobsmacked after opening the old cigarette case they found at a thrift store: 'Who knows how it ended up [here]'

"I'd never be that lucky."

Thrifted Cigarette case

Photo Credit: Reddit

It's no secret that thrifting can get you some of the best deals around — from expensive clothing to kitchen items, it's common to find good, if not great bargains. One Redditor recently posted the ultimate win — a cigarette case full of cash. 

The post features an old, metal cigarette case — looking a little faded and worn but otherwise in good shape. A photo of the inside revealed $143 in cash. 

"The newest bill inside was 2017 and looked crisp," the Redditor wrote. "So, I think this has been tucked away for 6 years, most likely. Who knows how it ended up at the bins."

The best part? They paid less than a dollar for it. 

"Not a bad find," the original poster said

Not every trip to a thrift store will find you this great of a bargain, but it just goes to show that taking a chance on a secondhand item can certainly pay off. After all, Coupon Fellow reports that thrifting can save you $1,700 a year on average — about $150 a month — more than enough to fund your morning coffee. 

Plus, the website Choose to Reuse makes the point that by thrifting, you're likely supporting local businesses or charities. Many thrift stores are based through charities — for example, St. Vincent De Paul thrift stores use their proceeds to help those in need. 

If nothing else, you're helping to keep a store in business that makes clothing, furniture, kitchen supplies, and more available to people who may struggle to afford new items. 

Along with these positive benefits, thrifting is also good for the environment. 

Thrifting eliminates the need for wasteful packaging that clothes and other items come in when you order them, and thrifting items like cigarette cases or kitchen supplies cuts down on the demand to produce new things — conserving natural resources.

Some commenters on the Reddit post couldn't believe it — "I'd never be that lucky," wrote one. 

On the other hand, it seems that others had similar luck. "Very nice! I recently found a little pottery piggy bank with $61 in bills stuffed inside." said one. While another shared, "My brother bought a wallet at a flea market once and later discovered $500 in it." 

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