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Homeowner's lawn left 'dead' and 'covered in weeds' due to HOA's negligence: 'We cannot add any of our own landscaping'

"Last year we had a [record-breaking] drought."

Dead lawn due to HOA’s negligence

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One Redditor recently complained that their HOA caused their front lawn to die during a drought.

Usually, HOAs are known for insisting on beautiful yards and healthy lawns. They have rules about how homes look, with the goal of keeping property values high. Many HOAs are wasteful with water in common areas, and some demand that homeowners heavily water their lawns, too.

But according to this Redditor, when it was the HOA's job to care for residents' lawns instead, that generous attitude was nowhere to be found.

The Redditor explained that their HOA has total responsibility for — and control over — the front yards in their section of the neighborhood. 

"We cannot add any of our own landscaping, mow our own lawns, etc.," they wrote.

In a typical year, full-service lawn care might be worth the extra HOA fees, but not this time. 

"Last year we had a [record-breaking] drought, and this year, lawns look awful," they said, adding that the grass was "100% dead, covered in weeds."

According to the Redditor, the HOA claimed the drought was to blame, but that excuse doesn't hold up. The dead lawns are "only in the section of the neighborhood that has to pay extra for front yard maintenance."

"The parts of the neighborhood that pay less and take care of their own lawns look 10 times better," they added. "Not to mention they have made sure to maintain the common areas visible to the roads entering the neighborhood."

Despite asking for the problem to be fixed and paying extra for lawn care, the frustrated homeowner said they were still getting the runaround from the HOA. They even asked whether they could sue for the damage.

One commenter pointed out that suing may be the wrong move. 

"All that's gonna do is cause your dues to go up to pay for the legal fees the HOA incurs, on top of what it costs to have your lawyers," they wrote. "You may get what you want, but you will definitely be paying for it." 

Other homeowners with a dead lawn or who want to stop wasting water can work with companies like Yardzen to install water-saving, drought-resistant landscaping.

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