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Homeowner laments HOA's absurd method of wasting residents' water and money: 'I would report them to my town hall'

"Start talking to your water utility provider and local government."


Photo Credit: u/kaladinwindrunner / Reddit

A Redditor recently shared an image of their HOA's questionable sprinkler placement with the other members of the r/NoLawns subreddit.

"Our HOA has sprinklers everywhere in terrible positions," their caption reads. "Here is an example. Twice a day there is just a river of water running into our sewers." 

The image shows a sprinkler aimed directly at a large rock, which diverts the stream into the street. 

Responding to a commenter who suggested they simply move the rock, the original poster wrote, "They will put the rock back where it's still partially blocking the sprayer. There are a dozen spots where the sprinklers are essentially watering concrete. As someone else suggested, I'm going to take pictures to the officials."

Water conservation is an increasingly important issue around the world, as more places are experiencing significant weather changes, like droughts, due to the overheating of our planet. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, at least 40 U.S. states anticipate water shortages by 2024. 

Some places, like California, are even paying residents to remove their grass lawns and replace them with drought-tolerant native plants

This type of landscaping has the added benefit of being incredibly low maintenance. Since native plants spent centuries evolving to their native habitats, they need far less water, mowing, and pesticides to survive than traditional turf.  

The poster's fellow Redditors were outraged at the wasteful behavior on their behalf.

"Your HOA dues are paying for that wasted water. You are within your rights to cause a stink," wrote one commenter.

"If this was in my hood I would report them to my town hall," another chimed in. "They take wasting water extremely seriously."

"Start talking to your water utility provider and local government. Bring photos," wrote a third." This pisses me off to no end. I've seen this kind of **** in gated communities during droughts and nobody gave a ****."

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