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Homeowner rages against HOA's outlandish misuse of neighborhood funds: 'It's a massive waste'

"What a waste of water."

Clubhouse Watering

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One frustrated Redditor shared a photo of their HOA's mismanagement which they claim is wasting water and funding.

The post was shared on r/mildlyinfuriating, which often includes stories from users frustrated by the wasteful habits of others. 

clubhouse watering schedule
Photo Credit: Reddit

The Redditor shares a predawn photo of grass and shrubs under a blanket of snow. Shockingly, the property's sprinklers are on full blast. The poster captions it, "My HOA watering the clubhouse amidst my city's NORMAL spring rain/snow."

"What a waste of water," says one shocked commenter. "There are settings on the device to avoid this situation … It's a two second fix if they want to listen to you."

While the original poster doesn't share a location, much of the U.S. has faced years of drought that have led to heavy water restrictions and rising costs. 

Some states have gotten creative in their water-saving measures — like California, which is offering subsidies to homeowners who install water-saving landscaping. Others, like Utah, seem to be turning a blind eye. 

But as global temperatures rise and weather patterns change, the issue of water conservation is not going to go away.

Runoff from overwatered lawns is also a problem, as it carries pesticides and fertilizer into the local water supply. These substances can contaminate drinking water and can also lead to algae blooms that kill off fish.

The original poster hopes to bring their HOA's attention to the problems it's causing by running sprinklers unnecessarily. "I am wanting to call somebody because it's a massive waste."

The post comes at a time when HOAs have been criticized for resisting eco-friendly changes to lawns and yards, including clotheslines, gardens, native plants, and solar panels. Many states have updated their laws to restrict the power of HOAs and give homeowners control over their land. 

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