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Lucky shopper ends years-long search by snagging the perfect kitchen appliance: 'Found this one 45 minutes down the freeway'

"Been searching for a high end toaster oven for years."

Cuisinart toaster

Photo Credit: u/gabis420/Reddit

Sometimes when you're thrifting, you find an incredible, unexpected deal that you never saw coming. And sometimes, you search for a single specific deal for years and years until you finally get it.

Both finds can be extremely rewarding in their own ways, but the latter is what happened to one lucky Redditor who has been on a longtime search for a deal on a toaster oven. 

"Been searching for a [high-end] toaster oven for years," they write, sharing their find on the popular r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit. "Found this one 45 minutes down the freeway while my car was being serviced, $15."

"Takes away a little of the sting from dropping $1k at the mechanic," they add.

The toaster oven in question, a Cuisinart Deluxe Convection Toaster Oven Broiler (with nine functions), retails for $179.95 on the Cuisinart website. That means that with their $15 purchase, a little patience and an eagle eye earned our lucky thrifter a hefty 92% discount.

This is far from the first incredible thrift store deal on kitchen equipment we've seen — recently, there was the $250 Staub Dutch oven that someone found for $13, the $140 vintage KitchenAid hand mixer that someone found for $10, the two $250 All-Clad D5 pans that someone found for a combined $11, and others.

Thrifting isn't just good for your wallet — it's good for the planet as well. By buying second hand, we can reduce our consumption of plastic packaging and other wasteful materials while saving perfectly good items from ending up in a landfill.

Not only that, but toaster ovens themselves are good for the environment when compared to gas stoves. And they can accomplish a lot of the same tasks. (The toaster oven in question here can fit a whole chicken, according to Cuisinart.)

"Dang. That's nice!" writes one fellow Redditor.

Another chimes in, "Nice, I'm holding out for one of these too!"

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