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Redditor shows off major thrift store haul, featuring $300 pans for just $11: 'I couldn't believe it'

"Those will last your lifetime!"

All-Clad D5 pans

Photo Credit: u/davegotler / Reddit

You never know when you will find a hidden treasure at the thrift store. This lucky Reddit user hit the thrifting jackpot after spending just $11 on high-end pans that can retail for up to $250 each.

Reddit user u/davegotler scored a pair of All-Clad D5 pans. The Redditor recently shared a photo showing these kitchen staples they found at Goodwill. 

"I couldn't believe it," u/davegotler writes in their post. "I was thinking as I walked in that I never score any good pans, and then saw these on the shelf!" 

All-Clad is known for its high-quality cookware that is popular with professional chefs and home cooks alike. John Ulam, a metallurgist who founded the company, invented fully clad cookware by layering stainless steel surrounded by a layer of aluminum. 

Stainless steel is durable and easy to clean but does not heat evenly. Aluminum conducts heat well, but it tarnishes easily. Ulam sandwiched aluminum between sheets of stainless steel to get the best of both metals without the drawbacks. 

These metals are a match made in heaven when used together in cookware, creating high-performance All-Clad pots and pans that can last for decades. 

This thrift store find shows just how much money shoppers can save when buying secondhand items. Thrifters save $150 a month or $1,760 annually on average when they buy previously owned products. 

There is a growing interest in secondhand products, as 82% of Americans (about 272 million people) buy or sell pre-owned clothing, electronics, furniture, and home goods. Thrifting helps shoppers save money, find unique items, and extend items' life cycles, keeping them out of landfills. 

Reddit users congratulated u/davegotler on their find and shared similar thrifting success stories in the comments.

One Redditor comments, "I found a 16" All-Clad wok the other day at Salvation Army for $8 and it's my new favorite thing! Great find." 

"Amazing find. I've been looking for any All-Clad," another user adds. "Those will last your lifetime! Super envious!" 

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