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Lucky thrifer finds a KitchenAid hand mixer on sale for just $10: 'Wouldn't trade it for the world'

"Great find!"

KitchenAid hand mixer

Photo Credit: u/Axel1010 / Reddit

They just don't make classic kitchen appliances like they used to. 

In a popular Reddit post, one user shares the ultimate thrift store find — a vintage KitchenAid hand mixer, which they bagged for a shockingly low $10.

Buying a KitchenAid hand mixer brand new today would cost in the region of $140, making this a hefty bargain. Even 10 years ago, it cost another Redditor $89.

The photo, which was posted in the r/BuyItForLife subreddit, shows a retro red KitchenAid model looking good as new. All it needed was a quick clean by its new owner, and it was back in working condition.

It's not just the Redditor's wallet that will benefit from this purchase. KitchenAid hand mixers are known for their robust design, which some owners claim can make them last for decades. One Redditor says they've kept their hand mixer since 1995, while another says that their mom had hers for 40 years.

Repair company Mr. Mixer even claims that, with the right care, KitchenAid hand mixers could last "indefinitely." Mr. Mixer offers a repair service where they annually regrease old KitchenAid mixers to increase their lifespan.

This is good news for attempts to reduce e-waste. In 2020, the Global E-Waste Monitor report estimated that over 59 tons of electronic and appliance waste were produced worldwide the previous year. 

Part of the problem has been a tendency amongst manufacturers to incorporate "planned obsolescence" into their items, meaning that their products will either stop working or fall out of fashion by design. Rather than seeking to repair their old items, consumers have been conditioned to throw out old belongings and rebuy them new.

But in the case of the KitchenAid hand mixer, it seems that it truly has been built to stand the test of time — making it the ideal second-hand buy for the eco-conscious cook.

"Great find! I bought this exact one 15 years ago when I got tired of the cheap ones breaking every holiday season. It's still going strong. Mine is red too," one Redditor comments.

"I still have my grandmother's avocado green KitchenAid/Hobart-made stand mixer from the mid-70s. Wouldn't trade it for the world!" another user replies.

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