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Shopper shocked after finding logo etched on $5 purchase from thrift store: 'I could barely contain my surprise'

It usually retails for a whopping $1,320.

It usually retails for a whopping $1,320.

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Thrift stores are known for having wild deals on clothing, but some often forget many thrift stores carry a huge spectrum of other types of used and new items at a discount too. One Redditor said they could "barely contain" their excitement when they managed to find an ice bucket worth over $1,000 for just $5. 

Secondhand shoppers have been known to find high-value kitchen items for next to nothing at thrift stores — including luxury brand dutch ovens, mixers, blenders from a top brand like KitchenAid, and more. 

This Redditor took to the r/ThriftStoreHauls forum to share the crystal Cartier ice bucket they managed to snag. 

The bucket is usually listed for $1,320, making this an almost unimaginable find. 

"I could barely contain my surprise and excitement in the aisle when I realized the logo. Probably the highest value item I've found yet," the Redditor wrote in the caption. 

It usually retails for a whopping $1,320.
Photo Credit: u/whoops-1771 / Reddit
It usually retails for a whopping $1,320.
Photo Credit: u/whoops-1771 / Reddit

The incredible find is the perfect example of how thrifting can save you some serious money. The Redditor described in the comments that they happened to pick up the bucket at the store, and when they noticed the logo they couldn't help but buy it. 

Even if you're not the Cartier ice bucket type, you could still resell the product for way more than just $5. Either you save a ton of money on a nice ice bucket, or you make some extra by reselling it. 

Thrifting can save shoppers an average of $1,700 yearly, and it can be a fun activity to do on a budget. It's also much better for the environment to buy some of your clothing or household items secondhand. 

American households produce almost 300 million tons of trash each year, and this garbage can take a long time to decompose in a landfill. For example, clothing takes over 200 years to decompose, and glass takes one million years. Any effort to keep items out of the garbage until they're used to their full potential will benefit the environment. 

Many comments on the post were thrilled for the Redditor. "Wow — good eye. Congratulations!" wrote one user. 

Others shared their own experiences with finding great deals at secondhand stores. 

"I was at Goodwill a little over a year ago and stumbled upon a Tiffany Ice Bucket on the bottom shelf of the glass aisle," said one. 

"That's happened to a friend of mine a few times at different antique malls," added another. 

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