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Bride-to-be sparks interest online after sharing her unique bridesmaid proposal boxes: 'I would cry if someone gave me this'

"This is very cute and very refreshing."

"This is very cute and very refreshing."

Photo Credit: TikTok

When it comes to gift-giving, thrift stores can easily fall to the back of people's minds when they start hunting for the perfect gift. But not for this bride

Abby Enslow (@abbyenslow) embraced her friends' interests and demonstrated on TikTok how she pieced together unique bridesmaid proposal boxes with hand-selected items she found at her local thrift stores, including a shot glass and a vase. Abby's "thoughtful and intention[al]" thrifted items reflected her attentive approach to those she holds dear — which defines the thought behind gift-giving. 

And who's to say such a powerful sentiment can't come from a resale shop?

@abbyenslow Take a shot every time i say "and then" #thriftybride #thriftedbridalgifts #thriftedbridesmaid #thriftedwedding #thriftedweddinghaul ♬ original sound - Abby Enslow

Usually, a new gift comes with that retail price sticker and a multitude of environmental consequences. 

Thrifting a "new to them" gift presents an opportunity to not only save money and show your friend or loved one how much you care, but it's also one more way to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. Afterall, according to thredUP, projections suggest that by 2026, the U.S. secondhand market will double its 2022 size, touching an impressive $82 billion.

According to ThredUp's 2023 Resale Report, "If everyone bought one secondhand clothing item instead of new this year," it could: lower carbon dioxide emissions by more than 2 billion pounds, which is the equivalent to taking 76 million cars off the road for a day, while saving 23 billion gallons of water and 4 billion kilowatt-hours of energy.

Reselling secondhand, designer items is also a savvy strategy to boost the pennies in your piggy bank. Resale shoppers are constantly finding authentic designer items and reselling them for a profit. Imagine paying $1 for a vintage handbag and selling it for over $9,000.

"The global secondhand apparel market is expected to nearly double by 2027, reaching $350 billion," as thredUP noted, which means that by sharpening your eye to spot quality items worth reselling, you could profit.

Clothing, though, isn't the only section in a resale shop you should pay attention to, as home décor also boasts incredible finds. 

Thrifters love sharing tips on how to pick out quality items, such as distinguishing crystal from glass. If crystal isn't on your list, there are tons of treasures people give away that can add a timeless aesthetic to your humble abode. Check out this guide to help you get started.

The goodies you can find in a thrift store are just as versatile as the item selection in the store itself. Abby's proposal boxes marked just another example of this. One user said, "This is very cute and very refreshing." Someone else wrote, "I would cry if someone gave me this."

Another related to her by noting: "I thrifted everything for my wedding. Antique furniture, all my glass plates and glasses. Down to my napkins."

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