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Thrifter finds 'score of the century' inside dust bag at local Goodwill store: 'It's beautiful'

"Respectfully, I hate you."

“Respectfully, I hate you."

Photo Credit: u/SmellySockSmeller / Reddit

Designer bags can be the perfect statement piece to have to hang on your shoulder. And one user recently made the "score of the century" inside the bins at their local Goodwill Outlet. 

The user shared photos of their find, a Louis Vuitton bag hidden inside a Prada dust bag, on the Reddit r/ThriftStoreHauls forum. The Louis Vuitton piece came with a brand-new lock and product tags. 

Photo Credit: u/SmellySockSmeller / Reddit
Photo Credit: u/SmellySockSmeller / Reddit

"I've been told by a bunch of purse people that it looks good so far," the user wrote in the post's title.

A Reddit commenter seconded its authenticity, saying, "I'm a luxury authenticator for over 2 years and by the looks of the hardware and date code, it looks authentic."

The Louis Vuitton bag is one of the most sought-after pieces in modern fashion. New pieces from the brand retail for upwards of several thousands of dollars. 

Not only is thrifting a great way to reduce the need to create new products, but it also keeps older pieces out of the landfill. Plus, if you cross your fingers and shop methodically, you may score something as valuable as the product that this lucky user got. 

Other users have also been lucky with designer finds at their local thrift stores and have also taken to r/ThriftStoreHauls to share their luck. One Redditor found a blue Coach bag for $10 that could be resold for several hundred dollars. Another user found a Vince leather jacket, which could retail for upwards of $1000. 

Users expressed their jealousy and their admiration for the Redditor's find. 

"It's beautiful and I'm happy for you. Also looks real to me. I mean SCORE of the century," one user wrote

"Respectfully, I hate you," commented another.

Other shoppers noted that their trips to Goodwill Outlets haven't been as fruitful. "The only thing I found in the bins was a used plunger. First and last bins visit," one user joked

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