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Savvy thrifter astonished after finding designer handbag for unbelievable price: 'That's what I like to hear'

"That looks like it's in great shape."

Coach purse, Thrift store with the original Coach tag

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While you can't wear a bold handbag with every outfit, a statement purse can elevate your style. One Redditor scored a blue Coach bag at a thrift store, and the price won't leave them with buyer's remorse.

In a popular Reddit post, the user shared a photo of the blue Coach handbag they discovered at a thrift store. It has the original Coach tag, and while this bag likely originally retailed for hundreds of dollars, the Redditor paid only $10. 

"I'm so lucky," the Redditor wrote. "There's a few scratches on the back, but the lining and pockets are all perfect."

Coach purse
Photo Credit: u/AllyEnderGirl / Reddit

Coach is an American fashion brand most known for its leather handbags. Founded in New York in 1941, the brand also sells luggage, accessories, women's clothing, shoes, and menswear. Coach bags often have the brand's signature 'C' logo.

Considered an affordable luxury brand, its bags range from $75 to $1095. The bag the Redditor thrifted appears to be from the brand's Madeline range with its metal closure. 

On eBay, users have listed Madeline purses from $14.99 to $798, depending on size, material, and quality. Coach has also restored a similar Madeline bag, which sold for $475 on its website. 

This Reddit post shows how much money you can save when buying secondhand fashion, especially for luxury products. The Redditor saved hundreds of dollars on this bag, and it only has minimal signs of wear. 

Not only does thrifting purses — or anything else for that matter — save money and make you feel less guilty about your shopping addiction, but it benefits the environment, too. 

Leather goods have a serious environmental impact. Raising livestock for leather has been linked to deforestation, water and land abuses, and harmful air pollution. Tanning leather is also detrimental, producing chemicals and gases that endanger water supplies. 

Because leather goods are resource-intensive, it's important to extend their lifecycles to reduce waste. Instead of wasting away in a landfill, the thrifted bag will be worn and loved for years to come. 

Fellow Redditors were impressed with this thrift store hidden gem in the comment section. 

"Oh that's a lovely color too," one user wrote.

Another Redditor said, "That looks like it's in great shape." 

One user pointed out that the bag likely retails for $300-$400, to which another enthusiastically responded, "Now that's what I like to hear."

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