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Woman lands ridiculous payday after buying vintage handbag for just $1: 'Makes me want to go to the thrift store'

"I love to imagine who held it and used it back in its time!"

Cartier purse at estate sale for just $1

Photo Credit: TikTok

One TikToker says she sold a vintage handbag for over $9,000 after paying just $1 for it.  

Vintage shopper Chandler West (@ciao.chandler) came across a 1920s Cartier purse two years ago while perusing an online estate sale. At the time, she had no idea that it was worth two to three times her monthly rent, she explains in a recently posted TikTok video.

@ciao.chandler My most 💰💰antique find to date. #antiques #1920sfashion #antiqueclothing #finejewelry ♬ original sound - Chandler 🌸

West says she went to Facebook to find out more information about the bag, and that's when she was clued into its possible value. The bag opened for $2,000 in an online auction, and West posted a video of her live reaction to the bids. She can be seen giggling and smiling in disbelief throughout the video.

While in her reaction video, the purse is noted as sold for a bid of $7,500, West later clarified in a follow-up video that the final price for the bag at auction was $9,450, which includes a buyer's premium fee.

@ciao.chandler #duet with @Chandler 🌸 lucky girl syndrome at its finest #auction #vintagefashion #cartier #estatesalefinds #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound - Chandler 🌸

Reselling items from online auctions and estate sales is a great way to make money — if you know how to spot hidden gems. According to The Spruce Crafts, some of the most valuable items at estate sales are art prints and paintings, kitchenware, small appliances, books, jewelry, and conversation pieces like travel souvenirs and items from other eras.

According to The eCommerce Mom, there are a few things you can do to up your odds of getting a steal, including studying pictures of items before the sale (if you can find them), showing up early, and going back to the sale right before it closes.

Reselling already-loved items is also a great way to give back to the planet because it reduces resource consumption. It takes a lot of water, energy, and natural resources to produce new home goods and other items. Buying secondhand items removes this impact on the environment. Plus, in the rare event that you find a vintage item like this, it makes for a fun story!

West got a lot of love on her TikTok video recounting the story of the find.

One person said, "I love to imagine who held it and used it back in its time!! How fun!"

Another commenter added, "Makes me want to go to the thrift store."

A few others were interested in learning more about how they could follow suit.

"Oh, what Facebook page did you use?" one person asked. "I have an item I would love to get some history on. BTW, awesome find."

"There are several good ones! I like Antique and Vintage Clothing Identification and Dating," West replied.

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