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Bar conditioners are the hottest trend in hair care right now — but will they work on curls?

If you're intentional about the products you buy, the bar conditioner is excellent for curly hair.

Bar conditioner for curly hair

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You've probably seen bar conditioner all over your social media feeds lately. This new, sustainable way to wash hair is gaining popularity because it can save you money and cut down on plastic waste. 

Because conditioner and shampoo bars last two to three times as long as the traditional products in plastic containers, it's easy to save bathroom space and money by cutting out (mostly water) hair care products.

So, while you can get more bang for your buck with a conditioner bar, some of you may ask: Will it work on my curls? 

Is bar conditioner good for curly hair?

Definitely! If you're intentional about the products you buy, the bar conditioner is excellent for curly hair. 

Conditioner bars are usually made with natural ingredients that are gentle on your hair and scalp, so they won't strip away the oils that keep your curls looking healthy and hydrated. Plus, bar conditioners are free of sulfates and parabens, so you won't dry out your curls. Avoiding ethanol-based alcohols is vital, as they can also dry out your hair. 

But just as no two heads of hair are the same, no two conditioner bars will have the exact same ingredients, so check out which looks the best to you and experiment.

People with curly hair should keep an eye out for essential oils, shea butter, and glycerin. These ingredients will help your hair stay luscious and healthy without drying it out or creating frizz. You can also track which ingredients make your hair smell the best.

If you have very curly hair, there're some other things that you should know before you opt for shampoo and conditioner bars.

Many people can massage their wet hair with conditioner bars, working to create a lather directly on their heads. But if you have some serious curls, you may find that the easiest way to get your shine going, by far, is to create a lather in your hands first. This way, you can quickly ensure that all of your hair sees an adequate amount of product.

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